Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Postcrossing Adventure: Weeks 33, 34 & 35

Week 33
// outgoing: 
TWO cards this week: A Sydney scene-scape was sent to Indonesia (AU-362185), together with the Bunya Pine to the UK (AU-362186).
// incoming: 
I received THREE lovely cards during Week 33, one each from Finland (FI-2122505), Lithuania (LT-377077), and China (CN-1327298).
Week 34
// outgoing: 
Cards haven't been taking too long to arrive at their destinations of late, so I've been able to keep up with my aim to send at least TWO cards each week.
In week 34 I sent the last of my "Australian Game" maxicards to Poland (AU-363744), and the Alice illustration went to Germany (AU-363745).

// incoming:
Just TWO cards came in during week 34, both themed on books: The Wizard of Oz came in from the USA (US-2838285), and the Franz Kafka card arrived from Russia (RU-2754217).
Week 35
// outgoing: 
I've mentioned before how much I love Burra, and this week I got to share its beauty with a card I sent to Switzerland (AU-365221).
The second card I sent to the USA (AU-365222); it's one of the many great designs from, and I've been waiting such a long time for Postcrossing to give me the perfect recipient.

// incoming:
One solitary card came in from the USA this week (US-2850379), but I don't mind one bit: Waterhouse is my favourite of the pre-Raphaelite artists, and it was so great to get this card in the mail (of his painting "Echo and Narcissus").

Postcrossing postcards sent to date: 73
All time: 129
Postcrossing postcards received to date: 71
All time: 128
Expired postcards to date: 3