Sunday, November 1, 2009

In the Garden (31.10.09)

Pink Palegonia

Miniture Palegonia

Up Close: Minature Palegonia

Purple Palegonia

Zucchini (I'm astounded by how fast and how big these plants have grown)



Sugarsnap Peas
Since it is expected to reach 40*C here today (and it's only the first day of November!), I thought I should get out into the garden and take some photos before the heat starts to shrivle them...
I am hoping that really doesnt happen. I'll be devestated!

Freshly Picked: Sugarloaf Cabbage & Cauliflower


  1. Beautiful looking garden especially the cabbage and cauli. Makes it all worth while when you taste your own home grown goodies. You will probably dislike buying shop ones now.


  2. I got your letter the other day… and you said you wanted to grow bell pepper but didn’t, just by a bell pepper and use the seeds from it. They usually grow just fine and then just collect the seeds from your tomatoes and peppers; well everything and you have more than enough for next year. (You will have more than you can sow so just give away to friends and family)

    Hey is Australia’s Best Backyards still on tv? You should watch it if it is because it’s a great inspiration and all gardens make sure not to waste water.


  3. Your photos are making me wish it was spring here! Our garden was a bit pitiful this year but we did get plenty of cherry tomatoes.

    I look forward to reading more on your blog!
    Erin, myveryeducatedmother
    be my blog follower sway

  4. My name is Sorcha and I am also currently minding my friends dog called.... noodle! nice blog, I'm your new follower :)


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