Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eternity begins and ends with the ocean's tides...

1. Tyringa, 2. Dune Grass, 3. Blooms amongst the sand and saltbush, 4. Baird Bay, 5. Tyringa, 6. Puddle Australia, 7. Baird Bay, 8. Talia, 9. Pig-face Daisies

Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
1st - 8th October 2010


  1. Very nice. We used to spend a bit of time on the Yorke Peninsula when I was younger. Been to a few of the bigger towns on Eyre, but not to explore the coast line all that much.

  2. Hi Sorcha
    It looks like it is paradise as well as the beginning and end of eternity :-)
    Glorious photographs and I love the title of the post too. And I love that it is caled Eyre Peninsula :-)
    Denise x


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