Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winter Wednesday: The fog is rising...

The drive into work this morning started with rain, then became pea-soup fog, and then dissipated back into rain as we came up and out of the Ranges.

Last night had such a chill to it that I found it difficult to sleep; the combustion heating had been lit all day and continued ticking over all through the night, but Winter's icy cold grip refused to abate.

Winter Wednesday is a photo feature hosted by Hazel Dene.
(I felt today's dark, gloomy winterness was the perfect opportunity to join in.)


  1. It has been a cold 11 degrees today ...Brrr!

  2. These pictures speak to me, I can't tell why. Here in Belgium it should be the hottest months of the year, but when you look outisde, it looks similar, without the fog. How do you manage to get two (or more) pictures in the same frame?

    *and now I'm off reading some more of your blogposts*

  3. Meyser: To get two pictures in same frame I've taken two individual pictures and made a new, single picture out of them prior to uploading. I don't know if blogger is able to do this any other way, but for me it's the easiest as I can edit the pictures at the same time.
    Thanks for visiting!


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