Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the Garden: Post-tempest.

[Corn & Cauli]

[Tomatoes on their new trellis: SJ is full of surprises!]

[Where the Wild Peach tree once stood]

[Agapanthus still standing tall in the flowerbed]

Despite Mother Nature giving us a nasty whipping these past two days, there has been no major damage to house or garden, aside from the loss of one Wild Peach tree (thankfully the other 4 are fine).

I was prepared to be devestated, so can hardly believe our luck!


  1. Your garden is looking good Sarah!

    The plants will love this kind of weather (humidity) makes them grow, apart from the wind of course...sorry to hear you lost a peach tree :(

  2. Yes, humidity: We're all living in a greenhouse at the moment! ;)

  3. I checked the weather radar yesterday and the storms were in a long line across the whole of the continent and down to the island state too. We got a couple of thunder storms and some rain, but weren't too badly affected here. I am glad you survived the tempest.

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