Friday, February 14, 2014


Okay, so last week I was complaining about being stuck inside because of the heat. Well, today I've been indoors on account of the rain, which is something you'll never hear me complain about (L-O-V-E the rain!), but it never ceases to amaze me how quickly, and how dramatically the weather can shift here.
Yesterday it was 41*C.
Today it's 25*C with torrential downpours.
The pictures above were taken during a rainstorm that lasted, at most, fifteen minutes. Within that time, the front yard, the back yard and our street became a raging torrent of water.
...Okay. Maybe not a raging torrent, but as close as you'll ever get to one in these past.
There was thunder, and lightning, and so much water it set the fire alarm off (yeah, I'm not sure how that works, either).
Then the rain stopped and the water promptly soaked away. In half the time it took for the rain to fall, the yard and the street were back to normal.


  1. During the heavy rain our smoke alarm went off due to the high humidity too.


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