Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bailey: Noodle Spoodle (& care for pets)

One of my favourite topics to read in Blog Land is about people and their pets. I am especially fond of blogs that regularly share pictures of the gorgeous, furry members of a family.

I, too, have a fur baby. His name is Bailey, and he is an 18-month-old English Spoodle (which is an English Cocker-Spaniel x Poodle, also known as a Cockadoodle or Cocker-Poodle). We have had him since he was twelve weeks old.

Some might say that Bailey likes to destroy things, but I prefer to think of it as being inquisitive. He loves the sound that paper makes as he shreds it to pieces, and gets so excited by the Rip! of a piece of cloth. He likes pulling balls apart and leaving bite-sized pieces around the house, but none of this is nearly as much fun as going on a mission to remove the squeeker parts from his squeeky-toys.

He is certainly a little eccentric. Sometimes it is hard to remember that he is a dog, not a human being! Over the past few months he somehow managed to convince SJ and I that our bed was also his bed. Every night he would jump onto the bed, give us both goodnight kisses (slobbers) before curling up at my feet and going to sleep. The only problem with this arrangement was that during the night Bailey would stretch himself out, and with his four little paws push us over so far that we were effectively giving half our bed to the dog. This wasnt particularly comfortable, and needless to say things had to change. So this week we have had to teach him to go to sleep in his actual bed, complete with cushiony mattress, fleece blanket and pillow, located next to our bed. He wasnt all that impressed at first, and it took two nights (and a belly full of treats) before he cottoned on. If he's not tired and/or doesnt want to be in his bed he will dig at it, pull the blanket off and drag the pillow into another room. When this fails to get him the attention he seeks, he flops on his bed and sighs consistently for at least twenty minutes, before finally giving in to the sandman and going to sleep.
Despite loving balls (and things that bounce) to pieces (literally), Bailey refuses to play Fetch. It's not that he doesnt know how, because at one time he was more than happy to collect the ball and drop it back at our feet for us to throw again. That was until he realised how much more fun it is to have either mum and/or dad chase him around the house and yard trying to get it back off him. He will play this particular game with anything: balls, rocks, sticks, pillows, pieces of clothing, his leash, flannels, and the list goes on. This is easily his favourite past-time.

For Christmas, SJ & I gave him a bouncing Moose toy, affectionately named “Moosey” (yes, awfully creative). Moosey has since become his favourite toy, but I don’t know how much longer it can withstand Bailey’s constant games. Since Christmas Day poor Moosey has lost his nose, an eye, half his tail, and nearly had his head ripped clean off (I have since sewn it back on)!
This got me thinking about how great it would be to have homemade toys for my pup, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to where I might be able to find patterns and ideas? It’s so easy buying pet toys from the store, but how good are they for your dog? Not only do they tend to be poorly made and do not last very long, what chemicals etc have been used in their creation? Since I always ensure that what I buy for myself is safe, I would like to do the same for my beloved furry friend.
Looks as though I’ve given myself another project for the New Year!


  1. Pretty cute dog. I dont have a dog, but like slow moving dogs with soft compassionate eyes. My favourite dog names are moppsy and floppsy and Bonnie.

  2. hey i like your blog very much. i love dogs a lot, but i don't know how to maintain it.... can u help me ???

    dog stairs

  3. I'm afraid I can't help you with the homemade toys, but can I ever relate to the dog on the bed thing! Murchie's a lot smaller than Bailey, but he takes up soooo much room when he stretches out. I haven't the heart to make him get his own bed, though.

  4. hi sarah! thanks for stopping by my blog! and for the compliment on my etsy store :D you're too sweet! well you know, not that i am currently looking for a job, I have time to update the shop more :) what a cute puppy you have there! adorable! hope all is well you you my friend! i still owe you a letter. hope to sit down and write again soon! *big hugs*

  5. I see you're getting those weird spam comments, too!

    I just love the photos of Bailey! What a cutie-pie!

    Can't help you much on the homemade toys. I'm not sure I could make any sturdy enough for my pup.

    Tandi LOVES her toys--can amuse herself for long periods of time with them. Her stuffies don't last too long, as she prefers them blind, and then dismembered, but the squeakies last a little longer. Her favorite is a spiny red and green Squeaky Football that cost me a dollar at the grocery store, and she's had since we first got her.

    For Christmas Santa Paws brought her a firm, jelly ball that doesn't make any noise, but is great to chew. It's her second favorite toy now.

  6. I just want to give your dog a squeeze ~ what a cutie! I too love the animal pics.

  7. Hey! I have a Spoodle named Sniffy. He looks just like your little fella! Sniffy does all the things yours does - and i to have just come to accept it and move on. Ours too used to be really good at dropping the ball but now realises if he does that our JRT will get the ball. so he brings it to you then bury's his head between his paws and tries to NOT let you get it.
    They are the most adorable and loving dogs i have come across. While Sniff loves being right there for every single moment he is still independant and loves his time.
    Keeping him maintained is a huge responsibility and i think that is why we got him at 4 months. That and the jumping, loud barking and general hyperactivity!

    Thanks for the photos.. he is so cute!!!!


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