Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's in a blog?

Around twelve months ago my mum decided she would create for herself a blogspot page whereby she could share with the rest of the world her experiences of living in outback Australia. Thinking this was a grand idea, I too decided to create a blogspot page, but at the time of its creation I had no idea what to use it for. I already had my livejournal and a Facebook page as a means of keeping contact with old friends and as a way to make new ones. I didnt really need another space on the world wide web, but I still wanted one.

But what to do with it?

Over the past twelve months I have kept my livejournal and blogspot relatively independant of one another. I have predominantly used my livejournal for what I call "life updates", whilst my blogspot has been used to share some of my paper-craft creations (decos, greeting cards, bookmarks and ATCs), as well as a place to store all the links to all the other wonderful blogs I've stumbled across over the last year (something I cannot do at livejournal), a list which seems to increase by the month! So many interesting lives, but so little time, right?

I have not been one to post regular entries on either pages. In fact, my updates here have been somewhat sporadic, unclear and awfully random. The truth is, I often find it difficult to find things to write about, and there's only so many day-to-day happenings and paper-crafts I can share before it's all been done and I feel that I am starting to repeat myself.

I dont know why this is so, but it is incredily hard for me to find things to talk about: my day-to-day life isnt really all that interesting. In fact, it's quite repetitive and I'd consider it quite dull. Yet, over the past few months I have realised that there are new people visiting my livejournal and blogspot as a result of my visits to theirs. Comments are always polite and encouraging. Perhaps there is potential for me too to have a wonderfully interesting livejournal and blogspot, without the need to keep them entirely separate? That is the challenge I am giving myself for this New Year: to make a little nothing into a little something!

I'm still not entirely sure of how I will go about this, but therein lies the challenge. Any hints, suggestions and tips will be greatly received! How do you use your livejournal or blog page? I feel I will have to learn to organise my time a little better and find greater inspiration from the seemingly less-significant things in life.

So, what information about myself might a stranger find interesting? What could I possibly tell you that would make you want to return and read more?

I am fast approaching my 28th birthday, and so far life has been a whirlwind of decisions and events. I was born on the far-west coast of South Australia, and grew up on one of the most amazing coastlines the world has to offer. I spent a lot of time at the beach, either swimming, boarding or surfing. It was dry and hot, but the sea kept us cool. Life wasnt normal unless there was sand and salt in everything.

However, my fondest childhood memories are those spent with my maternal grandparents on their farm, herding or sheering sheep with my poppa, sowing or reaping crops, baking cakes with my nanna, learning how to milk a cow or feed a lamb, collecting eggs, playing in haystacks, getting incredibly grotty, and eating endless amounts of yummy treats. You probably wouldnt think from looking at me that I was a "farm kid", but I like that about me.

Then we moved. My teenage years were spent in the arid parts of South Australia, what a visitor might term "the Outback", with dry heat and plenty of flies, and the majestic purple hue of the Flinders Ranges in the background. No awe-inspiring beaches and no means for farming. Life seemed to just slip by, and the next thing I know I have completed highschool and moved to the city to study at University. Seven years later I walk away with two Bachelor degrees: Arts in Anthropology and Politics, and Laws. With a dream to work as a political researcher (a career that is difficult to establish and even harder to maintain), I set off into the world ready to be an adult and find a steady job.

Nearly three years later, having had no real success and being subjected to some terribly awful employment; earning plenty of money but never seeming to see any of it; becoming increasinly pessimistic at the world and the people in it; missing family and realising that I am a true country-girl at heart who has grown tired of the city (and with a partner exactly the same), the decision is made to pack up the belongings and the beloved dog and move back to the Outback.

In 2009 it is my wish that life be less complicated, filled less with worry and more smiles, laughter. I want to be able to develop and maintain a lifestyle that is kind not only to myself but to Mother Earth as well. But trying to live a more simple existence isnt always easy. The first six months out here has been a bumpy ride, but the future looks promising. I see a little piece of serenity on the horizon. Time spent with my partner and Noodle Spoodle, and for indulging in my favourite past-times of reading, crafting, cooking and blogging. I want to rediscover the passion for learning new things, and the inspiration to make it happen. I want 2009 to be the start of something splendid that is worth writing about.

And if you happen to stop by (either here or at
my livejournal) I would be more than happy to share it with you.

Here's hoping 2009 is a grand one for everybody!



  1. Well written Sarah. I think everybody has something interesting in their life to share about. Nothing is boring. We just think it is. Colors for instance, they are not boring. There is always something that someone else connects with. I loved hearing about your farm life, I love the farm personally, I also grew up on the farm, but I loved hearing your farm story. You write very well and it transported me - thankyou for that. City living isnt what it makes out hey? Once again I also found that out. Im a country girl at heart and LOooovvvvee the country. Heres to a new year of refound treasures for you, searching in your soul, and regrowth of a new journey Megan xx

  2. Very well written Sarah.

    I enjoyed reading over this post and I thought of the picture I have when you were very young with plaited pigtails feeding a lamb it's bottle. That would have gone nicely with this story.

    Good luck this year with your new and exciting ventures.


  3. Congratulations Scorcha you are one of 7 that I have chosen to have the Marie Antionette Award for Keeping It Real. Come by pinkflowerbuttons to collect award by saving picture and cut and pasting it onto your blog. the rules are to display the picture and then find 7 or as many as you can blogs that keep it real and pass it onto them. xx

  4. I think blogging is a journey, a learning process, looking for your own voice. Some people blog with a specific purpose, like quilting, or motherhood, or dealing with an illness. The titles of their blogs usually indicate that, and they usually stay focused on that particular theme.

    Some people blog for themselves, or as a way to keep in touch with their families, their close friends, so entries usually consist of daily events.

    Do you want to have a large reader base? Or do you want to connect with certain group of people, maybe those who also want to simplify, or dog-lovers?

    My post is named Scraps not only for the fabric I love to sew, but because it's odds and ends of my life. I will never have a large readership, a lots of ads to make an income, but I do enjoy the friends I've made in blogland, and reading the viewpoints and lives of so many different people.

    It's your blog--you get to decide!


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