Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Review: Plain Jane by Laurien Gardner

This is the third novel in Laurien Gardner's Tudor Women Series, but only the second I have read. The first, A Lady Raised High, was a novel of Anne Boleyn, which I really enjoyed.

Plain Jane is a novel of King Henry VIII's (of England) third wife, Jane Seymour, who seems to be his most oft forgotten wife, even though she was the only one who gave him the male heir he so desperately craved.

It is not as gripping, doesnt appear to be as well-researched and certainly isnt as well-written as A Lady Raised High. But then, Tudor history nuts like myself might say that the two novels are reflections of the queens themselves: Anne is always considered to be the most striking, interesting, and clever of all of King Henry's wives, whilst Jane quiet, dull and particularly, er, un-striking.

With few other novels to chose from and compare to, I wont be too picky. I did enjoy this book, because I really wanted to consider what life may have been like for Jane Seymour, and Plain Jane allowed me to be swallowed into her (possible) world for a while.

I recommend this novel to all those interested in Tudor history, and also to those readers who enjoy a good romance story.

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