Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flinders Ranges (26.04.09)

To be "a tourist in your own town" is quite easy for us.

We are just over an hour from places like the awe-inspiring Wilpena Pound and the beautiful Clare Valley. The Flinders Ranges are absolutely magnificent, and they are our backyard.

This is the place where SJ grew up and he loves it, although that comes as no surprise when you get the chance to see it. With the weather being cold and gloomytoday, we thought we'd just take a quick drive through the Ranges to simply kill some time. Beats staying at home and complaining about the cold!

SJ decided to take me through some of his favourite spots in the Flinders, where he has been going with his family all his life. We travelled past Warren's Gorge and onto Proby's Grave, before continuing out past a flowing Willochra Creek, now abandoned historic settlements, to Partacoona and then back home again.

All the while the Ranges were covered in a haze of rain, something we dont see very often out this way (and to think just three days ago I was saying we have had none! Mother Nature, once again, has made a liar out of me).

Our round-trip took little more than hour, but it was wonderful. It got us off the lounge, away from the television, and out of the house.

We love to travel but dont have the time to do a lot of it. That is why I feel so lucky to be living where I live, because a little travel is possible whenever we feel like it.

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