Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Book Review: Spirit Sisters

Spirit Sisters by Karina Machado is a collection of true-life experiences with the paranormal, as shared with her by a selection of Australian women.

The book includes topics such as lucid dreaming, hauntings (including residual), interactions with human and non-human spirits (malevolent and "angels"), doppelgangers, time travel, psychics and mediums, with a bit of science thrown in (quantum physics, psychiatry, & medicine).

I really enjoyed this book. Some of the stories were intriguing and spooky enough to give me goosebumps (which isnt easy to do, trust me!), and others were so moving they brought me to tears. An excellent and easy read for those interested in the paranormal, or anyone slightly curious.

Belongs to my permanent collection, but is available for loan under my Bookcrossing conditions found here.

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