Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Book Thief + a Pay-it-forward Giveaway

Title: The Book Thief
Author: Markus Zusak
Category: Historical Fiction
Format: Paperback (Aus), 592 pages
Published: Australia, 2008

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is the story of Liesel Meminger's life in Nazi Germany during WWII, told from an original and interesting perspective.

The story begins on a train, where Liesel is sat with her mother and brother. She is on her way to meet her foster parents: Her mother has made the decision to foster Liesel and her brother to the Hubermanns in Molching. Liesel's father is missing, and her brother does not survive the train journey. At his funeral on a frozen winter's day Liesel finds in the snow "The Gravedigger's Handbook" and takes it with her. This is her first act of book theivery, but certainly isnt her last.

The story then continues through Liesel's life in Molching with her foster parents and friends (one a Jewish fist-fighter) as the effects of a hostile and brutal war begin to take its toll. Through hunger and air-raids Liesel's life is all about the books she steals and the impact that their words have on her life and the lives of the people around her.

This is a truly stunning book and it had me hooked from the first page. I knew from the moment I finished the opening chapter that this wasnt going to be your average hist-fic novel on WWII, but instead was going to be something special, heart-wrenching, and memorable. Zusak's choice of narrator works brilliantly: An ordinary story told in an extraordinary way. The only downside to the story of Zusak's book thief is that it had to end.


This is a book I really want to share, so I have decided to give away my pre-loved copy.

However, this will be a pay-it-forward giveaway: Once the winner has finished reading this book it would be most appreciated if they were to hold another pay-it-forward giveaway in the same fashion as this one.

If you want to go in the draw to win my used copy of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, then all you have to do is leave a message on this post stating that you'd like the chance to win it. Open to everyone, no matter where you live!

I'll announce the winner on Saturday, 1 May 2010.

Good luck and happy reading!

EDIT 23/4/10: If you do not have a blog or website you may still enter the draw to win this book and can pay-it-forward to a friend, reading circle, or RAC it to someone you know has it on their wishlist when you are finished. I'm not too fussed how the pay-it-forward aspect of the giveaway actually occurs, I'd just love to see this book shared around because it is that good.


  1. Oh, another good idea that I will copy. I'll do that when I finish "Daughter of the forest"


  2. Hello! I have just found your blog via Dottie Angel and you have hooked me right away...:) I adore books about WWII, especially novels. I have heard of this one, but not had a chance to read it. If I win the draw, of course I would be most pleased to pass it along.
    Now I'm off to peruse the rest of your blog...;)
    Have a lovely day..xx

  3. Oh! This is my high school librarians favorite book ever! I haven't read it yet, so this is great! I actually haven't read very much since my daughter was born so jumping back in with a book like this would be amazing! I will certainly pay it forward if I win, but I don't have a blog so it will likely be to my book adoring friends.

  4. I'd love a chance to win! And if I do I would love to do a giveaway in my school. Some of my English students are having difficulties in finding English books to read, which is a shame.

  5. I have been recommended this book several times, but have never read it. I love the Pay-It-Forward idea too! I am usually a book hog... I love OWNING books, but I would make sure I paid this one forward if I won it!

  6. Would love the chance to win this book and passing on the free book love seems like a really novel idea! :)

  7. I have read some very good reviews of this book and would love to get my hands on it.

    Problem is I don't have a website or a blog.

    In the event that I get lucky would it be enough to do the Pay-It-Forward by passing it around in my reading Circle ?

    Carol T (International entry)


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