Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have you seen the ad everyone is talking about?

I dont usually upload political spin here, but we have a Federal election campaign in full swing and voting takes place this Saturday (although this little politics-nerd has already voted). This advert was aired on Gruen Nation last Wednesday, 11 August, as part of their segment 'The Pitch', and since then the advertising company who produced it has granted permission for The Greens to use it. However, the ABC have been unable to permit The Greens to show it on television, although it can be shared online.

After suffering the barrage of terribly awful election campaign adverts from the other political parties and their cronies for the past month, this non-ad for The Greens is a breath of fresh air.

Why do I like this ad? --> I like it because it doesnt make an attack on any other political party or politician. Rather, it appeals to people's sensibilities by simply showing what The Greens are about. It's emotive and it's clever. It'd be nice if all election campaign ads were the same.

Happy voting, fellow Aussies!

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  1. I saw this on Gruen Nation when it came out, and was so impressed. Whilst the ABC is not letting them use it for this campaign, you would think that that advertising company might find itself representing the greens next time.


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