Friday, September 24, 2010

Letter Swap (Reminder)

Sign up ends 29 September 2010
Partners allocated 30 September 2010
Letters must be sent using the old fashioned postal service
All letters should be in the post no later than 29 October 2010

This time next week I will be issuing partners for the Letter Swap I am hosting. So far we have 4 participants, a nice even number, but it'd be lovely to have more!

To sign up, please just leave a comment, either on this post or on the original, expressing your wish to participate. Please dont forget to include either your email address or blog details so that I can get in touch with you later.

Each participant will have one partner, unless you specifically request more.

At the end of the sign up period I will randomnly generate partners, and then get in touch with you to let you know the details. You will need to contact your partner to get their postal address. What you decide to include in or with your letter is entirely up to you.
Any questions? Just ask!


  1. Hi Sorcha!
    I'll join in with your letter swap! As you know from last year, I'm rather fond of pen and paper myself :-)
    I'll also put a link over on my blog for you,
    Denise x

  2. hi again, i did leave a comment on the original letter writing swap post, not sure it *stuck* so i'll leave a mark here too:) ~pia

  3. Hi Sorcha!
    I've created a link on my post about covering boxes so that you can see the book which is most useful in showing you how. But to answer your point about how to attach the fabric, you use PVA glue.
    Hope this helps!
    D x


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