Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weathering the Storm...

Fallen gum tree...

...and the clean up.

Tuesday night we had the most terrifying, yet amazing thunderstorm.
The approaching storm clouds stretch as far as the eye could see and seemed to swallow everything in its path.
There was so much lightning it turned day into night.
The rain came in horizontal.
The wind was so strong it ripped off roofs, balconies, sucked out windows, and uprooted trees.

We suffered a fallen gum tree, some broken branches, a damaged fence, a few loose sheets of iron on the shed and house - Nothing compared to the damage suffered by others, so we count ourselves lucky. Yesterday evening was spent clearing it all and doing makeshift repairs: The fallen gum tree came in handy to prop-up the collapsed fence, but we will need to put in new posts, support beams and a few new sheets of corrugated iron. It will do to keep Bailey-dog in the yard for the time being.

The entire state of South Australia suffered a lashing from the storm front that moved through: AdelaideNow has some great pictures, for the curious folk.

Australia is in the middle of the La Nina Weather Pattern, which normally brings unstable and unseasonal wet weather, although this year more than ever. She's unpredictable, but I must admit I kind of like Her: Better than Her counterpart El Nino! The garden loves Her too, although perhaps not so much the fallen tree...


  1. Lucky that tree fell on the fence and not your little house.


  2. Everytime we have a storm with strong winds I worry that the pine tree in the front yard will topple, because that would fall on the house for sure. Thankfully it's held fast so far!

  3. Crikey, thankfully as your Mum mentioned it didn't fall on your little house. The weather has certainly been very unstable recently. Linda xxx


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