Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beautiful Bunyeroo: 03.01.2011

[Pete Dobre's famous photograph of Bunyeroo Valley from Razorback Lookout, in the Flinders Ranges] 

[My photograph of the same scene] 

Pete Dobre's photograph of Bunyeroo Valley in the Flinders Ranges is one of my favourites. When I was working at a picture framers and art gallery around ten years ago, it was one of the most popular panoramics we sold.

Although only just over an hour drive from where we now live, I'd not had the opportunity to visit Bunyeroo Valley for myself until this week: SJ and I took my sister T, visiting from West Australia, on a sight-seeing drive to Wilpena Pound, Bunyeroo Valley, and through Brachina Gorge, a trip that took around 4 hours to complete.

 [Bunyeroo Valley with the Razorback, the large hill to left]

Bunyeroo Valley is just north of Wilpena Pound, a long, narrow dirt track that takes you through deep valleys and to the top of mountains. The landscape, particularly in the middle of summer as it is now, is spotted with trees, and giant, menancing hills seemingly pop up out of nowhere.

The views from Razorback Lookout, where these photographs were taken, are stunning: On a clear day you can see for miles the amazing green-brown-purple hues that the Flinders Ranges are famous for.

[Creek bed, Brachina Gorge, Flinders Ranges] 

Bunyeroo Valley continues on into Brachina Gorge, a that drive takes you through deep creek beds with ridges either side looming overhead. The gorge is a geologist's wonderland: The colours of the different layers of stone are a constant reminder that Brachina Gorge is at least 500 million years old.

[Sandstone & siltstone cliffs, Brachina Gorge, Flinders Ranges]

A truly beautiful way to pass a day.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I lived in Australia for a year and get really homesick for it sometimes, these photos make me miss it like mad!


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