Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Change in the Weather...

[The beginning: Storm clouds approaching late Friday, 4 Feb 2011]

[How our backyard looked when we woke this morning: The lawn will love this weather!]

[A very full underground water tank: To prevent flooding, we've had to block off the downpipe running into the tank. As there is so much rain, the overflow for the tank was under water!]

[Water, water everywhere!] 

[Our street early this morning]

[My view from the car of the flats just outside our town: Cannot see the hills in the distance for all the rain!]

[Road Closed: Boolcunda Creek a raging torrent, prevents traffic from reaching Hawker]

What a glorious sound we woke to this morning: Rain on our tin roof!

It began around 1am this morning and has not stopped at all since them. The rain is falling steady at the moment, but has bursts of downpours every now and again. I would not be surprised if we have received more rain than what the beureau was expecting, which at 3am this morning was "more than 50mm" (a rather vague prediction, if you ask me!).

The rain has been caused by troughs bringing tropical moisture south from ex-Cyclone Yasi. There has been no wind whatsoever, so we've been able to have the house completely open (all windows and doors) to let the cool air and the refreshing smell of rain waft through. It is the first time we've been able to open the house like this for at least a fortnight: After weeks of 40*C+ it feels great!

The rain is expected to continue for the rest of the day and into the evening; we may even receive a further 10mm or so tomorrow.

Yet another reminder of Mother Nature's wonder: How one person's disaster can be another's blessing. Thank you for the rain, Yasi Monster!


  1. Thanks for the photos Sarah.

    I think those in Victoria aren't too impressed by Mother Nature, they are getting flooded out on already sodden ground.

    And I think we have had enough lol....still raining here, so far 84mm or 3.36inches.


  2. We in Melbourne certainly copped a downpour from ex tropical Yasi on Friday. It was very dramatic - flooding everywhere!

  3. It's unreal the weather we have been having:( I'm sure it was very refreshing for you all:) xx


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