Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mind the glare...

[The old fence] 

I have been itching to share with you the brand new fence that we got at our house late last week, but due to an issue at the exchange (I think it got wet with all the rain we've had the past two weekends) I didn't have any internet.

It may seem a rather insignificant thing, but I am so pleased with our new fence! I've even found myself of late wandering outside just to admire its shiny newness, as each time I look at it I smile. As is fairly evident from the above picture, the original fence was in a pretty bad state. The fence was old, the sheets of iron were coming loose, and the wooden posts and beams had termites. SJ and I had been talking about the possibility of replacing the fence for the past two years since purchasing the property, but due to the extensive length of our yard we knew that it was going to be an expensive exercise, and in combination with our home renovations it simply wasn't an expense we could justify straight away.

But then a miracle happened: You might recall a post I made in December about a nasty storm that moved through our little town and caused quite a bit of damage, including uprooting a gum tree in the backyard? That tree fell onto and crushed the fence: It was the only diving fence on the property that needed replacing. It was the only tree on our property that fell, and it was the only fence on our property that was damaged.

All of a sudden it went from being just an old fence that could do with replacing, to a storm damaged fence that had to be replaced and our insurance would cover it. Thankfully, the vacant block next door is owned by the local Council, who readily agreed that the fence needed replacing and agreed to half the cost. I had always expected that the need to come to agreement with a neighbour about replacing a dividing fence would be far more complicated and time-consuming than it was.

Last week, when the heatwave had finally subsided and the tradesperson was finally able to do the work, our brand new fence went up:

[The new fence: Driveway]

[The new fence: Alongside shed]

[The new fence: Rear yard]

So, there you have it: Our new fence. See what I mean about shiny newness? 


  1. Nice!

    I need to put new fences up but it is a bit scary cost wise!

  2. shiny newness is always a good thing with fences ;) I havn't forgotten you sorcha! We have had virus's from hell and hubby is still on crutches. I am having to re-prioritise a lot at the moment but will be in touch xx

  3. What luck! A new fence can change the look of the yard. My husband recently replaced the fence around the chook yard and it looks great... just wish he would keep going and tackle our old house fence.


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