Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bulbing About in the Garden...

[Geranium: The hardiest plant in the world?]

 [Daffodil bulbs ready to plant]

[SJ mows the lawn in the evening for the second time in a week: With all the rain we've been getting, the lawn that we planted last November has been doing wonderfully. It never ceases to amaze me just how a garden can come back to life (and all the weeds hiding beneath the surface) after a decent shower of rain. At the moment SJ is having to mow the lawn every five days, and spray/pull out weeds at least once a week.]


Unlike the previous few weekends where it was somewhat soggy, the weather this weekend has been perfect for spending some time in the garden.

I was finally able to transfer some agapanthus that has been growing wild in the front yard to the back: We have not been able to fully enjoy the pretty agapanthus in bloom these past two summers, since we spend so little time out the front. From two clumps I ended up with fifteen individual plants, which I have planted as border rows in the back garden beds.

They haven't seemed bothered by the move at all so far!

This is my first time attempting to grow bulbs. I checked that it was the right time to move the agapanthus, and in our temperate climate it is also the time for planting daffodils. Tulip bulbs are currently being chilled for planting in about six weeks' time.

If anyone has any recommendations for pretty bulbs that are easy to grow in a temperate climate, I'd appreciate the suggestions.


[Agapanthus: This garden bed is a work in progress and will be our focus for the coming year. We plan to plant daffodils and tulips in the coming weeks, and when the season arrives for it, roses and evergreen perennials to give it a cottage garden feel.]

[The flowerbed in the centre of our yard, so full of colour, and which will be extended next spring.]

[A new home for some agapanthus in the flowerbed.]

[Alyssum: The happy perennial!]

[My new favourite perennial: Lamb's ear - so much fun to touch!]


  1. Yes! I love Lamb's Ear, I use to play with mum's all the time as a kid. As for bulbs, can you grown Blue Bells? They're pretty. What about Iris? I'm trying to think what I have ready: Daffies, Tulips, Blue Bells, Iris, hmmm...I really need to start my blog, I hate being busy ATM. Totally unfair!

  2. Lamb's Ear plays mind games: It looks like a plant, you touch it, it feels like an animal. It's like having a pet...but not. I love it!
    ~S. xo


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