Thursday, May 19, 2011

A single rose can be my garden...

In our part of the world, June is the month for planting roses (or, at least, this is what my trusty Yates' Garden Guide tells me).

I want a garden with roses.

At the moment the only rose we have is a standard white in the front yard that we never see in bloom because we're never out the front and it gets forgotten. So, this coming June I am going to risk moving it whilst it is dormant to the back yard, and cross all fingers and toes for its survival.

We're also going to plant a selection of other rose bushes to keep it company. Last weekend whilst the weather was good, we got outside, allocated a spot in the garden and dug through some organic matter in preparation for the roses. Actually, if I am truthful, SJ did the digging and the preparing, whilst I stood by and (helpfully) pointed and gave instructions.

I've no idea how the roses will fare, but we've tried to select a location that will give them enough light without them getting burnt to a crisp during the peak of summer. But I still don't know which varieties to get and where to get them from: Some further research is in order, and I suspect a rose-hunting trip to Adelaide will be taken sometime next month when the patch is ready for planting.

So, who knows the secret to growing beautiful roses? I suspect they'll need quite a bit of attention, but having said that I'm sure the work is worth it just to see those stunning blooms!

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