Monday, August 29, 2011

Spring into Happiness...

 [Newly planted carnation, aster & alyssum]

With the glorious, sun-shiny weather we are having at the moment, it probably comes as no surprise that I spent a fair portion of my weekend outdoors, tending the garden.

[Left: Armeria, daffodils, golden daisies, blue marguerite daisies, and irises in the flowerbed.
Right: First buds on the apricot tree.]

It was so wonderful to be outside, to feel the warming sun on my skin, to hear the bees buzzing and watch the birds with their young, to admire the flowers in bloom and to watch the garden come back to life after a short but frosty winter.

[Strawberries, out of reach of the lizards!]

I pulled weeds, removed dead shrubs, pruned, fertilised, and planted carnation, aster, alyssum, and geranium in the new flowerbed to accompany the roses, along with strawberries in hanging baskets.

[Top: First rosebud; Bottom: Golden daisies.]

Bailey-dog and I visited the in-laws and came home with cuttings of succulents and lavender, which are now in pots readying themselves for a transfer to the garden beds at a later date.

If this wonderfully wonderful weather continues into next weekend I hope to start planting in the veggie patch, although having said that the raised beds are still a work in progress (SJ may well have a busy week in the garden himself!).

"Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer." ~Geoffrey B. Charlesworth


  1. Lots of colour appearing there, the daisies are putting on a nice display for you...


  2. Love the spring and your garden!


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