Friday, September 2, 2011

On my mind: Weekend tasks.

"If you've never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden." ~ Robert Brault

Yes! Gardening is on my mind this Friday! How could it not be? The weather continues to be glorious and perfect for spending time outdoors.

Our first task for the weekend is to finish the raised garden beds (pictured above). SJ made the first one earlier this week and is hoping to knock-up a second today. We are making these ones out of old sheets of iron and steel posts cut to size. If they prove suitable we will build more. We are using deep beds in an attempt to combat weeds, and will plant a selection of tomatoes, corn, lettuce, cauliflower, silverbeet, capsicum and cucumber for this season.

The second task is to start laying crusher-dust on those areas of the yard currently not being used for garden space. The purpose of this is to keep the weeds under control and to make snakes and lizards visible during the warmer months.


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  1. The raised beds look fantastic and I hope the crushed rock helps you see the snakes a little better. The mere thought gives me a bit of a shiver! It is hard to think of anything else other than planting and the garden on days like these isn't it? Keep us in touch with progress!
    Greenie x

  2. Good golly, that is some garden bed! Well done to SJ! He could come by and help with some of my beds if he likes...

    Cant wait to see how your veggies grow :)



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