Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the Garden: Early morning admiration...

Armeria: Pretty in pink...

See that gravel? SJ did it. All of it. I am full of admiration and gratitude: It must have nearly killed him. It would have me!

Look closely: It's corn!
No, really. It is.

New lawn: Apparently fertilizer works wonders.
Who knew?

Out the front: See that gravel? SJ did that too.
Isn't it just so neat and tidy?
I love neat and tidy.

Okay, so it's a patch of dirt, but hopefully there will be lawn soon.
But there are no weeds and no dead leaves and it's neat, at least.
I also planted kangaroo paw at the corners (if you squint you might be able to see one).

And finally: A yellow rose.
My favourite.
I can't wait to see it in full bloom.


  1. That's beautiful! Mine is NOT neat and tidy, but I still love it! :) Send us a pic of the rose in full bloom! I love yellow roses - funnily enough I don't have any yet. Must fix that ...
    Greenie x

  2. Looking good, love the raised garden beds, makes life easier than getting down on your knees.........

    The gravel certainly makes it neat and tidy, weed free and easy to maintain, great effort.

    Your Roses are well ahead of ours, but there are some teeny, tiny buds appearing.........

    Hope Spring is wonderful in your patch.


  3. Looking good at your house Sarah :)


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