Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our dry bubble...

[The last of yesterday's sunlight reflecting off storm clouds to the east]

A regular sight for us this summer: Storm clouds to the east but little to no rain for us.

The BOM keeps telling us it will rain "in the Flinders", but we're in the Flinders and we've not had a significant, soaking downpour since October last year.

[Our weather forecase for this week: A big "maybe"!]

The rainwater tanks are empty: If it doesn't rain this week we will need to start thinking about either trucking water in, or arranging for a plumber to switch the house onto mains water supply. A $400 SA Water bill means we're incredibly reluctant to do the latter.

[The satellite picture for today: These can be deceiving]

Being a La Niña season, we would normally get summer rains, but this year we've missed out. We've got the humidity, but not the rain. To the north, east, west and south it has rained, but we've remained dry in our odd little bubble.


  1. We've had the humidity as well. urrgh! but at least we got rain. Would send you some if I could, just haven't figured it out yet. Won't tell you our rainfall totals......
    Fingers crossed that the bureau is right and you get some rain ASAP.
    Nice to have your own tanks but need the wet stuff in them.

    Claire :}

  2. The rains are coming Sarah. It is predicted that South Australia will have a wetter than usual Autumn :) But if their latest weather predictions are any indication, they are probably wrong lol!

    This lot appears to be going north of us grrr! As poppa says "it always rains after a dry spell!"



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