Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(Long) Weekending...

[A fascinating read!]

Well, it was back to work today after an extended long weekend. It was my birthday on Friday (I turned one-and-thirty) so I took the day off work and spent it getting in some (long overdue) retail therapy.

It was a relatively quiet day, which suited me fine, and I received some wonderful, useful gifts. I am of the opinion that how well someone knows you is revealed in their choice of gift. My Ma gave me Rhonda Hetzel's  Down to Earth (picture above), which I'd been eyeing off since its release. I am really enjoying the read: Rhonda's transformation from consumerist to simple life advocate is truly fascinating. I highly recommend visiting her blog; it has been a favourite of mine since day dot.

[Silver Victorian Earrings]

These silver, Victorian antique earrings (in the Art Nouveau style) were a gift from my dearest friend, Laura, who collects antique jewellery and decided to help me start my own collection with my very first piece. I spent a fair portion of the long weekend admiring antique jewellery online, and I can feel a new obsession brewing just beneath the surface...

[Note pads from Nicola]

Nicola surprised me with some stationery for my birthday, which I put to good use over the weekend when I wrote some letters. It was almost as if she had read my mind and discovered that I was getting drastically low on stationery supplies!

[Nicola's letter and my reply]

Of course, with it being a public holiday yesterday, the mail didn't go out until this morning (hense the absence of a "Monday Mail Out" post). This week letters are on their way to StoneZebra (USA), Claire (Wales), and Nicola (Australia).

[Today's outgoing mail]


  1. I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy Birthday lovely one! Glad you had a good day :)

  2. Those notepads are just so cute!! Happy birthday :)


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