Thursday, May 10, 2012

Returning to Rhythm...

[Blue Mountains]

I arrived home last Sunday morning from my little getaway, and it never ceases to amaze me how even the slightest diversion can send life off-kilter. Even though it is great to be home (I missed SJ and the dog-son, and I'm fairly certain they missed me too, even if they'd never admit it), this week is very much about finding my rhythm and returning to my usual routine.  

[Quarantine Station]

Today Bailey-dog is at the groomers getting an overdue haircut and wash. I harbour dreams of shampooing the carpets on the weekend, as long as the weather isn't too bad, and there are seedlings that need to be planted in the veggie patch. I also need to bake many, many things. Despite our Indian Summer I remain optimistic that winter is just around the corner and so are the soups, breads and puddings, and that cozy, comforting time of year.


My week away was most enjoyable, though. I had a wonderful time in Sydney with my middle sister, and in the Blue Mountains and Quarantine Station with my friend, Laura. It was a busy week and I took more photos than I'd ever be able to share here, but if you click on the mosiacs above they will take you to my Flickr Photostream where you can view more.

Now I am looking forward to getting back into my usual blogging routine. I've missed writing here and even more than that I've missed reading all my favourite blogs, which I would normally check on a daily basis but have not read in almost two weeks! I'm hoping that by the time the weekend rolls around life will finally be settled back into the usual swing of things. Work has been hectic as I play catch-up and The Three Sisters have nothing on the mountain of mail I have to reply to. I also have book reviews to write and share, the exact number of which I seem to have forgotten...

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