Saturday, June 1, 2013

365 Mail Art Project: Weeks 32, 33 & 34

I've continued to be sloth-slow on the mail art front as I try and catch up on some letters.
Now that I work in a regular job Monday - Thursday I have a whole lot less time on my hands for, well, everything.
But over the past couple weeks I have worked on this series of mail art featuring pictures of the region in which I live. I sourced the pictures from a promotional brochure, perfect for upcycling.
#113 of 365:
Beautiful Burra countryside for Anne in Finland...

#114 of 365:
The Strzelecki Track for Claudia in Germany...

#115 of 365:
An outback sunset for Nicki in Australia...

#116 of 365:
The Spencer Gulf for Kerri in Australia...

#117 of 365:
Yaccas for Yulia in Japan...

#118 of 365:
Wilpena Pound from the air for Cheryl in Scotland...

#119 of 365:
And Wilpena Pound from the ground for Liz in Ireland.

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  1. Love these so much, Sarah! I must admit that I haven't even started my reply to you yet--it's been crazy busy!! But I definitely will soon! Glad to see your mail updates on here; as always, gorgie!! :)


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