Sunday, July 7, 2013

365 Mail Art Project: Weeks 38 & 39

Quite a few mail art pieces to share this week. I must be feeling inspired (or something).
Week 38 I really wanted to do something with my watercolour paints, so I made some envelopes using art paper and painted on a simple dots-and-stripe pattern. I was quite surprised by how they turned out, although I ended up only making four as they were seriously time-consuming.
I'd like to try this style again in future.
#126 of 365:
Green for Kelly in the USA...

#127 of 365:
Purple for Felicia in Canada...

#128 of 365:
Pink for Tomoe in Japan...

#129 of 365:
And blue for Arjen in Belgium...
This week (week 39) I decided to use some of my own digital photography to make envelopes, then I prettied them up with either washi-tape and alphabet stickers, or just a splash of colour.
(FYI: The photos I printed using high quality 100gsm A4 paper, specifically designed for getting the best results from your pictures).

#130 of 365:
Graveyard cross for þorey in Iceland...
#131 of 365:
Patrick Daly's headstone for Sarah in the USA...

#132 of 365:
Giant redgums in black and white for Jennifer in Australia...

#133 of 365:
Giant redgums in colour for Sulea in Australia...

#134 of 365:
Arthur Hill Stace's headstone for Rachael in England...

#135 of 365:
Ruins in the Ranges for Amanda in the USA...

#136 of 365:
And weather worn trees for Lina in Lithuania.

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  1. As always, gorgeous correspondence!
    I hope that my letter made its way to you? And that I might be looking forward to your reply soon? :)
    Hope you're well!


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