Saturday, July 27, 2013

365 Mail Art Project: Weeks 40, 41 & 42

Week 40:
As I now only have the weekend in which to spend some time on creating new mail art pieces, I'm finding the project very slow moving at the minute, especially when I am trying something new.
Two envelopes went out in week 40 (dismal, really), each made from a print of some of my own digital photography. The letters were written on a large sheet of scrapbooking paper, which were divided into "sections" that served the purpose of numbered pages, making it easier to write on.
#137 of 365:
Spooky ruins for Kirby in Australia...

#138 of 365:
And a cemetery for Karlee in the USA.
Week 41:
In between traversing the countryside to try out my new camera, I managed to make this letter booklet using old postcards, bookmarks and tags. Paper was stuck to the back of the cards and folds out to reveal the letter. I then staggered the cards and bound them together using a ring binder, in the same way I would an art journal.

#139 of 365:
Postcard letter booklet for Janice Marie in Australia.
Week 42:
S T E A M P U N K !
I had fun this week making some steampunk themed envelopes to go out to friends.
Everyone likes steampunk, right?

#140 of 365:
Red & black steampunk lady for Ulrika in Sweden...

#141 of 365:
Trousered steampunk lady for Tarah in the Netherlands...

#142 of 365:
And gentlemanly steampunk for Riley in the USA.

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