Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Postcrossing Adventure: Weeks 19 & 20

Another two weeks have passed in my Postcrossing challenge, and I've still not received any further cards. I did, however, send out another four in this time.
Week 19
// outgoing:
I sent a native orchid First Day of Issue maxi-card to the Czech Republic (AU-343389), and another postcard of one of my photos to China (AU-343388).
Week 20
// outgoing:
A promotional postcard (graveyard photography) went out to Germany (AU-345244), whilst the South Australian lighthouse was sent to the Netherlands (AU-345245).

Postcrossing postcards sent to date: 44
All time: 99
Postcrossing postcards received to date: 37
All time: 99


  1. I like Postcrossing but I do find that the incoming seem to be all or nothing for me. I'll have nothing for a while and then a few all on the same day. It's still fun. I think the native flower maxi cards are nice and the Centenary of WWI cards coming up in April look good too.
    I hope you receive some postcards this week.

    1. I'm very excited about the new maxi cards that will inevitably be released on account of the postage increase and, therefore, the introduction of new stamps. Have to see the bright side to these things, right? ;)
      Happy Postcrossing!


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