Sunday, April 6, 2014


Right up until Wednesday it still felt like summer. This time last weekend we were complaining about the seemingly never-ending heat.
Not so this weekend!
The weather is wonderful and so very autumnly: Plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies, but with a hint of coldness in the air, a promise that winter is just around the corner.
Autumn is my favourite time of year in the Ranges. The colours contrast and work well together: The evergreen foliage, the red tinge to the dirt and stone, the pale blue sky and the purple hue of the mountains.
Yesterday it was far too nice to be indoors, so we took a mini-adventure to a local gorge, and then out past the Willochra and into what I (sarcastically) refer to as "Death Valley"- an endless expanse of saltbush plains and stark mountain outcrops, completely void of trees.
Then we returned home for a cuppa and an afternoon snack, sat outside under the veranda, listening to the birds and the buzz of the town.
How are you enjoying the season?

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  1. Great photos Sarah! My favourite all time season of the year too :)


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