Saturday, March 20, 2010

Making Book Tags...

These days I am finding that working full-time and studying part-time means I do not get in much crafting. It's been over 12 months since I started a scrapbooking project (despite the numerous ideas swimming inside my head), and I've had to take a hiatus from trading ATCs due to a lack of time for making them. Any plans to learn something new have been put on hold.

But then I put together some BookCrossing bookrings, along with an RABCK package for a fellow BookCrosser, and couldnt help but think how much nicer the parcels would be for the receivers if I made some book tags to go with them.

A book tag is simlar to a bookmark, except you use a gift tag as the template. It works well, and as they are generally smaller than a bookmark I find them much less time-consuming to make.

Keeping in mind that I am very much out of practice and incredibly time-poor, this is how they turned out:


  1. These are amazing!!!!!

  2. I randomly came across your blog while "surfing". Love the book tags, I'm an avid reader myself. I see you too are a member of Goodreads. Awesome site for sure! Beautiful blog, I'll have to check back. Smiles!


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