Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A sign of things to come?

After an early start to Summer (the first heat-wave for the season was in mid-November), a dry and hot January, a hot and humid February, is this an early start to Autumn?

I know, I know: Technically March is Autumn, but the change in the seasons usually doesnt happen until April arrives. The start of March usually brings with it one final stinking hot spell (it has been 40*C or more on my birthday for the past three years) before Summer truly starts to fizzle out...

A South Australian Summer always feels incredibly long. It starts early and ends late, and it's always ridiculously hot (you know, the kind of hot where you're unable to venture outside between the hours of 9am and, well, before dark). It is simply exhausting, and maybe I'm just starting to show my age, but I've had enough of it for this year.

But the weather forecast looks promising: Perhaps this year Summer will finish right on time, and for the next month at least we can enjoy wonderfully clear and crisp mornings, days that are perfectly pleasant, and evenings that begin as a glorious mix of reds, yellows and blues as the sun sets...

Perhaps? I hope so.


  1. We can only hope! Then I can plant seeds and they will likely sprout into healthy plants instead of being scorched on an unforeseen 43 degree day :(

  2. They are forecasting a wet Autumn, lets hope they are right.


  3. Wow...40 degrees is incredibly hot! It hovers around 30 degrees all year-round in the part of the world where I live. Thank goodness for air-conditioners. By the way, I have an award I would love to pass to you: Blog Award!


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