Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm afraid it has come to this...

I didnt want to do it. I believe in free speech and freedom of expression and all that jazz, but I really feel I had to get on top of it before it gets completely out of hand.

I have become a "censor": I have had to change my settings so that I can moderate all comments left by people here at my blog.

I hate it.
I hate it because I love to blog and it makes me so happy to receive all the wonderful comments I get on my entries.
I hate it because I didnt want to make it difficult or confusing for those people visiting my blog and leaving legitimate comments for me.
I hate it because I didnt want to create extra work for myself.
I hate that I have had to take this action to prevent one little weasel with far too much time on their hands from leaving their inappropriate comments with their inappropriate links on my blog.
I hate to think that the actions of one person might offend the few wonderful souls who take an honest interest in what I write and take time out in their busy lives to visit my blog, and that it might prevent them from coming back.

So, yes. I have had to go down the path of comment censorship. But I assure everyone who leaves a legitimate comment will see it appear on my blog as soon as I've approved it, which I will endeavour to do first thing each morning. I can only apologise for the delay this will cause and thank you for your understanding.

And thanks to everyone for stopping by, as well. I really do appreciate it.


  1. Hi Sorcha
    It is a pain, isn't it? Why do people choose to do such annoying things?
    I chose to have moderation on mine so that I could be sure of reading each comment in order to enjoy them all. It was only as time went on that I realised it was a way of weeding out the unwelcome comments, which thankfully are few.
    Hope you have a good weekend,
    Denise x
    PS: thank you for your comments over at my place :-)

  2. I had to do that on my Swedish blog, in the end it´s worth it and it has not stopped my friends from leaving comments which is good :)

    Is that a piece of a Carl Larsson-painting you have as avatar for your livejournal? :-)

  3. I hate spam... I get that too and the funny thing is that it is always the same posts that get spammed, weird.

  4. Batmamma: Yes, it is Carl Larsson! I think the painting is called "My Eldest Daughter"; I love it! :)
    Thanks for stopping by.


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