Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Frog Cakes (nom nom nom)...

These are Frog Cakes.
They're somewhat of a South Australian icon and I want one.

I haven't had a Frog Cake since we left Adelaide over three years ago. I haven't seen them here, so I'm unsure as to whether I can get them locally, or if they are so much Adelaidean that you can only get them in the city.

Some say they are too sweet, others that they are too bland, but I think the Frog Cake is the perfect treat: Not too big, with a fresh spongey centre and a splash of jam, a dollop of cream and covered in icing (green tastes best, of course).

So perfect, in fact, that on a boring winter's day at work they are all I can think about...


  1. Oh no - now I keep thinking of frog cakes and feel a burning desire to dash to Southern Cross Arcade for one. But, no, wedding dress must fit, so frog cake I must resist!
    You'll have to make your own. Make a sponge cake, grab some ready-to-roll icing and a bottle of whipped cream and bingo!!

  2. It won't be the same if I make them! :(

  3. Yum! Have a go Sarah you never know what you can achieve and they may even taste better!

    I didn't know these were South Australian...cool!

    Dont think anyone sells them here though...


  4. Those look very good! I guess there's no hope of getting them here in Texico! Oh well.

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