Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bailey-dog's Buzz Cut...

Before: Shaggy, untidy, knotted mess...

After: Silky smooth & not a knot to be found!

Bailey-dog went to the groomer yesterday: Spoodles have a low-shedding coat of curly hair, which if not clipped continues to grow, and grow, and grow... Due to the curls, the coat becomes knotted quite easily, and Bailey is a spoodle who thinks he's a farm dog so his active, curious nature means he's always coming inside covered with burrs, twigs and leaves that have got caught in his coat. Yet he refuses to let you brush them out, as he likes to pull them out himself (keeps him occupied for hours!).

During the cooler months we let his coat grow out with the occasional trim as it helps keep him warm when it's cold. However, summer get quite hot here (anything up to 45+ degrees Celsius), so when the weather shows signs of warming up (today is expected to reach 37 degrees Celsius) we take him to the groomer to get his "summer buzz cut": As short as possible on the body & face without being completely bald, but length left on his tail and ears (because it's cute). 

Yesterday he went to a new groomer, who not only gave him the cutest haircut ever, but cleaned his ears, clipped his nails, and bathed him in an oatmeal shampoo which smells absolutely divine. Who knew a dog could look and smell so good? So, I made him pose for pictures this morning ~ he pretends he's not fussed, but I know he is totally loving the attention (as all spoodles do)!


  1. serious cuteness going on here! spoodle is a setter+poodle right? does he like to chase birds? i love my doodle, veda is lab, poodle + setter and the best disposition! i love when she gets shaved (we call it her puppy cut or her lamby sheering because she looks like a skinny little lamb!). bailey looks so soft like veda, i love that they have hair and not fur!!!
    hope you enjoy your day :)

  2. Brittan: Bailey is an English Cocker Spaniel + Poodle, which in Australia is called a Spoodle, although I believe it's a Cockerpoo in the Northern Hem. But yes: He LOVES to chase birds! If he catches them he brings them to you (I freak out when he does this!), but he doesn't intentionally hurt them; most of the time the bird escapes unscathed, although there has been one or two "accidents" in the past when he's picked up young birds. :( It's funny to watch him bouncing around the backyard when the magpies and willy wag-tails tease him from a safe height and it drives him crazy!
    Bailey has the sweetest disposition too: He is so affectionate and loves attention. Absolutely devoted and protective when he needs to be, with so much personality. I'd recommend these dogs to anyone - they're fantastic companions and silly enough to keep you entertained for hours. :)

  3. ah, yes, cockapoo (or cockerpoo?) they are cute! veda is probably bigger. she has long poodle legs and is usually between 50-55lbs, although she is more like 58 right now, naughty me has been so busy with work she has gained a little, but i like her to be around 50. i always laugh and say that she also has part human, bunny and mountain goat in her, too. she LOVES people, especially kids. they really are the best dogs ever! i wish i could find another mix just like her (she is what we call a "love puppy", mom had a little fling with dad across the street). bailey is so flippin cute, i can't stand it!!!


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