Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Pictures: Lagooning...



East towards The Horseshoe, along many a dirt track and passing paddocks of sheep grazing on bluebush, over a slight rise and into the Boolcunda there is an elbow in the creekbed where water pools from rainfall and natural springs. All year round there's water there: An arid oasis.


  1. Looks like a good place for a dip on a warm day.

    You certainly live in an interesting part of the country, love those old gum trees.

    Claire :]

  2. This is just beautiful Sorcha! And fabulous photos! Photos like these stir something in me so much - there is something essentially South Australian about them. They whisper "your home, tour country" to me! Thanks for sharing them
    Greenie x

  3. I am an Aboriginal descendant and photos of the more or less unspoilt parts of my land always take my breath away :o)


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