Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Week in Pictures...

* My Spring Clean/organsation frenzy continues! I've been rearranging my bookshelf this past week. I really need Shane to finish the in-built shelving in the dining room so I can pull some more of my favourites out of storage. A house full of books makes you look learned, you know.
* We're looking to start the bathroom renovation before the end of the year. That is, if I ever decide on what I want. I swear I've flipped through the pages of a hundred magazines this past week.
* Bailey-dog has found himself a nice spot to sunbathe (dirt bathe?) in the gravel next to the shed. He just loves a bit of sunshine (don't we all?)!
* Even though I know next-to-nothing about native plants, I purchased an eremophila and a native daisy from the local show last Sunday. I like the silver-grey of the leaves, but the nights are still a bit too cold and the ground not yet warm enough to plant them. Which is probably a good thing as I've not yet decided where to put them.
* The days are warming oh-so-slowly, but the nights remain very chilly indeed. We had super late-in-the-season frosts this week...
* Not that the garden seems to mind, though, with everything coming into bloom, including the apricot tree. We planted it Winter 2011 and it did not blossom last year, but this spring it is right on queue. I am so freaking excited: Apricots are my favourite summer fruit and I'll be over the moon to be able to pick just a few.
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  1. So nice to meet Bailey! my cats are out there dust bathing in the sunshine today too! aaahhhh....he's a gorgeous dog!

    I haven't come across eremophila before but love that colour foliage, reminds me of a dutch lavender.

    It's so funny that our weather is changing to the opposite, (with the exception of a hot day today so unexected), last week seemed as though summer was over and autumn had begun with chilly mornings and evenings....I love every season so that's ok.
    Thanks for sharing your roundup of the week....have a great rest of this one!
    Fiona x

    1. What is it with animals and dirt? Bailey gets himself covered in it, having the most glorious fun whilst doing it, but ends up itching, and that means a trip to the groomer for a bath, which he is never as enthused about...

      Eremophilas come in many colours and sizes. I like the silver-grey with the purple flowers - Shane's parents have a fully-grown one in their garden and it is my favourite. Looks amazing in bloom. They are prefectly suited to our climate as they require little water and are not susceptible to the heat of our summer nor the frosty chill of the winter.

      Thank you for stopping by!


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