Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Week in Pictures...

* Slowly but surely I am getting the garden organised. I picked the last of the root vegetables (turnips, beets and radish) from the winter crop, and have started clearing the veggie beds for a summer crop. Late is better than never, although I'm going to have to select my veg wisely. I also now have a lemon tree, which I plan to plant in the frontyard; the Lisbon can grow up to 6m in height, so I hope to utilise both its shade and fruit to the best advantage I can.
* Slowly but surely I am catching up on my book reviews. I am such a terrible procrastinator on everything, which is silly really because I enjoy reading books and writing the reviews. I just need to try harder to write the reviews prior to starting a new book!
* Slowly but surely I am catching up on my mail. I was in a bit of a letter-writing slump recently but have now found some motivation again in the form of a new mail art project, which I will announce here later in the week (keep your eyes peeled!).


  1. :) I like your snail mail art!! :)

  2. Hi Sorcha
    A great 'week in pictures'
    Bougainvillea and lemon trees = a little piece of HEAVEN! I love both, they hint at a Mediterranean summer!...In Positano Italy, the little streets are so overloaded with both of these it is (in the most peasant way imaginable) a visual and olfactory overload ...Are they commonly grown where you live? The climate isn't hot enough where I am for Bougainvillea, I've tried and failed a few times trying to grow it.
    Autumn has arrived in the UK and this evening I've picked four big juicy lemons from my plant in the knowledge of cold weather on the way. It's interesting that we're reaping and planting at the same time, our locations are flip sides of the coin:-)
    Have a great week and enjoy organising your summer crop!
    Fiona x

    1. You could say that lemon trees and bougainvilleas are pretty common here - backyard must-haves. The lemon tree is mine, although the bougainvillea in this picture belongs to the in-laws. It's such a pretty shrub, although it hates the frost; poor thing always looks a little worse for wear around July. :/
      As for the planting, I'm worried because the ground is so dry. We desperately need some good, soaking rain; I don't know how well everything will grow this year. Already the lawn is parched and we're only in the second month of spring. :(


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