Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Week in Pictures...

* This week the focus has been on the garden. I have painstakingly planned a veggie patch that follows principles of companion planting, prepared the soil and sourced all the seedlings, which will go in ground this week coming: The weather is expected to be perfect for it (not too hot, not too cold, and hopefully not too windy either!).
* Our Bailey-dog thinks he's human. Lately when I've ventured outside around dusk to water the garden I've found him sitting up on the bench-swing that overlooks the backyard. It's the perfect spot to waste away many a summer's evening. Bailey-dog must be reserving his place early.
* I have become a tea connoisseur! I drink too much of the stuff and became bored with the same thing every time, so I started buying different types and now have a cupboard full of variety. I like either an English or Irish Breakfast first thing in the morning and an Assam Bold mid-afternoon. Chai and Darjeeling are great in the evening - not too strong so they don't keep me awake all night.
Do you drink tea?

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  1. Bailey dog is a clever guy...and adorable!
    I love tea...Lady Grey with breakfast, Earl Grey with lunch and a recent discovery is loose leaf rose petal tea (brew it in a glass pot to see the petals and buds)...very nice with cake alfresco!
    Happy planning and's to a bumper crop for your efforts!
    Fiona x


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