Saturday, April 20, 2013

365 Mail Art Project: Weeks 27 & 28

Week 27:
#96 of 365:
I found an old faerie calendar in a stack of paper craft supplies and decided to turn some of the lovely pictures into mail art. In doing so I also got to use more washi, which is always a thrill. This one is for Amanda in the U.S.A.

#97 of 365:
Riley sent me the daffodil picture and I thought it too good not to use on a piece of mail art, so I've sent it to Kelly in the U.S.A.

#98 of 365:
Big, bright and beautiful faeries for Rachel in the U.S.A.

#99 of 365:
A faerie party for Justina in Australia.

#100 of 365:
Wings of butterflies, moths and bats. Hooved feet. Part goat. I love these faeries and they are for Anne in Finland.
Week 28:
Got my geek on this week with a selection of my favourite superheroes.

#101 of 365:
Rogue from X-Men for Arjen in Belgium...

#102 of 365:
The Hulk for Ursa in Slovenia...

#103 of 365:
Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) for Nicki in Australia...

#104 of 365:
Save the cheerleader, save the world: Claire (from Heroes) for Rachael in the U.K...

#105 of 365:
Proving that nice guys don't always come last, Captain America is for Cheryl in Scotland...

#106 of 365:
A little obscure, perhaps? Well, she shouldn't be: River Tam (Firefly and Serenity) for Lauren in Australia...

#107 of 365:
But what is a superhero army without an ultimate supervillain? Loki (Thor and The Avengers) for Laura in Canada.

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  1. Gorgeous stuff!
    Your letter hasn't arrived here yet, but I'm eagerly awaiting it! :)


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