Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Week in Pictures...

** The week started out rather grey, cold and wet. Not that I mind those days at all: The sound of rain falling on the roof, the scent of it through open windows, and being snugged up with hot cups of tea, some letters and a Spoodle all equates to a pretty fine day in my book. However, the rain was short-lived and by the end of the week the clear blue skies, northerly winds and warm sunny days had returned.
** Knowing that these are probably the last of the warmer days for the next three months or so, we decided to take a family history day-trip to the charming little towns of Yacka and Jamestown, about two hours south of where we live. We left early in the morning and stopped at the town of Gulnare before heading onto Yacka, its War Memorial and the local cemetery. Then we made our way to Jamestown, admiring the splendid Bundaleer views on the way, had lunch and then took a stroll through another cemetery. The rolling pastures of the region are a stark contrast to our rugged mountains and saltbush plains, even though we're not so far apart. It's a wonder how the scenery changes so dramatically with just a few kilometres. 
** Thursday was ANZAC Day. As our council area incorporates a number of small communities, the Dawn Service was not held in our town this year, although we were still up at dawn to watch the sunrise. The absence of a local service meant we were able to watch live the Gallipoli (Turkey) and Villers-Bretonneaux (France) services on the television. The turnout to these services never ceases to amaze and inspire.
How did you spend your week?


  1. so pretty :)

  2. You are addicted to family history now, you wont be able to give it up :)


  3. Your dog is so cute. Right there by your side as you write away. :)


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