Monday, April 1, 2013

The Week in Pictures...

** I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and had a wonderful Easter (if you celebrate it)? Ours was very quiet and relaxing: A well-earned break from the usual routine. I wrote letters, caught up with reading my blog list, and watched some DVDs. I can't eat chocolate so our weekend was Easter egg free, but I did eat my weight in hot cross buns. A fair trade, I reckon.
** Autumn in the Flinders Ranges is the best time of year. I know I whinge about the summer, which is so long and hot, but when autumn finally arrives it is simply glorious. Most days we wake to slightly chilly mornings that are wonderfully clear and bright. The dewy nights are great for the garden and the lawn has started its regeneration after being burnt to a crisp during January and February. We also had two days in the past week where it rained: Wednesday was slightly disappointing with less than 1mm falling, but then on Saturday it was grey and wet all day (and decidedly cold), which gave us 15mm. It may not sound like much but as long as we get a little rain regularly it isn't so bad. We hope to invest in some more rainwater tanks in the coming months to catch as much rain as possible. At present we are only catching rain from the back half of the house, so we need to start collecting it from the front and also from the shed. This will make a huge difference to our supply and hopefully once they are full we'll not run out of rainwater again.
** I received some fantastic pieces of mail art this week but my favourite came from Alison in Australia. She made me an awesome lotus flower postcard (pictured above). If you're into paper crafts then I strongly recommend her blog, Paisley and Brown Paper. She makes the most amazing stuff.
** Apparently Google Reader will be closing down, so if you are using it to read this (and other) blogs you might want to import your blog list into another feed, such as Bloglovin'. I've already done mine and it's fantastic: So easy to use and I get an email every day advising of any new posts from the blogs I follow so I can access them from my inbox. I love that. It's super convenient and it's completely free.

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  1. I love Autumn in the Adelaide Hills. All the leaves changing into so many different colours. What a glorious sight. The nights and early mornings are cool but the days usually make up for it. I love hearing the Autumn rains on the roof. I couldn't help noticing Bailey looking so relaxed. We had to have old dog 'put to sleep' a few months ago and all of us including our littlest fur-kid missed him terribly. After a lengthy search I found a dog on 'Gumtree' who needed a forever home. The poor dog had been living in absolute squalor in a metre square metal wire crate. The dog was so traumatised he did not even bark when huz rang the doorbell??? The poor dog vomited all the way home. His name is Salem (from the Jewish Shalom) he is 15 months old and was so very thin. We were a little reticent to take on an older dog with what we thought would have been so many problems. We were wrong because Salem has done his best to fit in here.
    Salem is a Dobermann X with an exceptionally good temperament despite the horrors of his very early life. Salem is slowly putting on weight but I reckon he is a vacuum cleaner masquerading as a dog :-)

  2. Your week looks good. Glad to hear you had a good Easter.

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x


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