Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Week in Pictures...

 ** Summer: It's like a houseguest that has outstayed its welcome.
Autumn: Missed the memo about turning up this year.
And I am so ready for it to be winter already, and yet the warm days continue. This past week drained every last ounce of energy I had left. It was simply too hot for May. And I had hay fever - in May. Then I was left disappointed by the promise of rain that never came to fruition. It's enough to send a girl batty.
** When you spend a lot of time, energy and money in trying to create a garden retreat for yourself in your own backyard, only to have it shrivel up and die, you kind of lose all motivation to do anything about it. Or, at least, that's how I've been feeling about our garden for the past four months, but this week I finally found the courage to pull out some books on growing Australian natives, because that's the only option we have left in order to avoid the dustbowl.
** We are still getting the odd eggplant in the veggie patch, which is now mostly overgrown with plants I've let go to seed. As soon as the eggplant stop producing, everything is getting ripped out so that I can start again. I suspect it shall be very therapeutic.
** I've spent a lot of my spare time lately escaping into the wonderful world of fiction. Books. Movies. TV. Make-believe is awesome.
** And for the first time in three weeks I sat down and made mail art that didn't end up in the bin. I'm putting it down to my brand new alphabet stampers, which I made Shane hunt for in BigW when he was there earlier in the week. I love them. The boy did good.

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  1. Serenity is in my to watch pile in front of the TV. Then again I couldn't get my copy of Playing for Keeps to play on the DVD player earlier :(


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