Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Week in Pictures...

** The seasons finally made a shift this week: Grey skies, a sprinkling of rain, cool cold southerly breezes, and damp, crisp mornings. It is my favourite weather. Such a shame there seems to be less of it every year.

** Bailey-dog had a haircut. I'm hoping he won't require another until the end of July. I find it's kind of mean to take away his insulation mid-winter.

** It was cold enough that we actually had to light the fire (combustion heating) to warm the house (and ourselves) back up. Nothing heats an old stone building like a raging fire. It's blissfully cosy. But of course there's no gradual changing of the seasons here, it just kind of happens. Like, overnight. It catches me by surprise each and every time.

** I've no pictures, but I spent the weekend sat by said fire, absorbed in the glittery wonderland of Eurovision (and nothing else). May would be incomplete without such cheesy pop classics. Did anyone else watch? Vote? Did your favourite song come out on top? I rooted for Ireland this year.

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