Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Book Review: The Nelig Stones by Sharon Skinner

The Nelig StonesThe Nelig Stones by Sharon Skinner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Nelig Stones by Sharon Skinner is a fantasy novel for children set in the magical land of Anoria.

Stefani is a bit of a science geek who doesn't get along well with her mother, whilst Robbie likes to skateboard but is constantly picked on by bullies. They are accidentally transported from their hometown to Anoria after the two collide outside Hole-in-the-Rock in Arizona. Once in Anoria, they discover they must undertake a physically challenging and dangerous journey to locate the Nelig Stones, magical trinkets that when brought together will give them the power to return home. Along the way they engage the help of fairies, mages and glimmerings in their quest, and come face-to-face with strangling vines, quicksand, raging river rapids, fire worms and dragons. However, despite the trials they are forced to endure, Stefani and Robbie build a strong friendship based on mutual respect for the other's strengths and weaknesses. They also discover new confidence as their journey forces them to take on new responsibilities.

I thoroughly enjoyed this great little novel, even if it was specifically written for children. It's impossible not to be drawn into the magical world of Anoria and become invested in Stefani and Robbie as they attempt to achieve such a mammoth task. The Nelig Stones is not bogged down in too much detail so would be perfectly suitable for anyone aged 7 and up.

Many thanks to the publisher, Brick Cave Books, for inviting me to read and review this novel, and for providing me with a wonderful paperback copy in order to do so.

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