Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Drive

August rarely fails to deliver beautiful days in this part of world. Anyone thinking of visiting our region should do so in August.
Knowing that rain was due to start falling again this evening, we decided to take a leisurely Sunday drive through the Ranges this morning. All the rain we've had over the past two months has made the everything wonderfully green, and now the wildflowers are starting to bloom, adding an extra splash of colour to the landscape.
Our drive took us well out of town, past farmhouses and old ruins, down into valleys and over hills, and through sleepy tiny townships with just a handful of buildings.


  1. This August weather is so strange but I am loving it, making me so excited for Summer, I would happily skip Spring I love hot weather. Though I do love when the canola is starting to take over all the farms, it is so pretty!

  2. Beautiful photos. We see similar things driving around the Adelaide Hills especially off the beaten track. If only the old buildings could talk :-)


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