Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hello, Blossom.

I am so pleased to see our apricot tree in bloom again this year, especially after the hard prune it had earlier this winter. It had a bit of gummosis and was looking a little scraggly, so we cut it back to half its size, removing the branches suffering the gummosis in the process.
It will be this tree's third season in our garden, and hopefully it has endured the last of its hard prunes. All signs of gummosis are gone. It's also great to see the blossoms on the remaining branches and new growth from the stems. I'll be absolutely delighted if we happen to get fruit again this summer.

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  1. I am loving seeing all the plants that are popping up in our grarden, since we only moved in two months ago its all new to us. Much to my delight three little cherry blossoms are flowering :)


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