Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Postcrossing Adventure: Weeks 5 & 6

Week 5
// outgoing:
As it seems to be taking a phenomenally long time for most of the postcards I've sent over the past few weeks to get to their destinations, I decided to reduce my outgoing this week to TWO cards.
Postcrossing only allows its members to have a certain number of cards "in transit" at any one time. Only when those cards have been registered by the recipient can the sender then send more cards. When it is taking up to a month for a card to reach its destination (or be registered, whichever it happens to be), it begins to impact upon the number of postcards I can send each week.
So, this week I sent an Australian dinosaur to Germany (AU-324792), and Alice not to Wonderland, but to Singapore (AU-325105). Both were sent from Sydney.

Week 6
// outgoing:

This week I sent out another TWO cards: A card of Irish humour, together with some tea and coins has gone out The Netherlands (AU-327281), whilst a fun Mail-a-Saurus (which makes me giggle every time I read it) went out to the Ukraine (AU-327285).

I received no Postcrossing cards this fortnight.
Postcrossing postcards sent to date: 16
All time: 72
Postcrossing postcards received to date: 13
All time: 75

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