Tuesday, December 13, 2011

About the House: Painting the hallway...

SJ and I (with the help of Bailey-dog) spent all day Saturday finishing the painting work required in our hallway.
The walls had been finished back in July, but with SJ starting unemployment in August we decided to leave the rest until we could spare the cash. 

So, for the past two weekends we have been busy no-more-gapsing, sanding, undercoating and painting the architraves, doors and skirting. It was an easy task, since the hard work had been completed months ago.

This week we start work on the second bedroom, which currently looks like this:

And is far more daunting!
The walls need to plastered.
The ceiling in the built-in-robe isn't finished.
Sanding is yet to begin (I'm trying not to think too much about the dust that it will create), and only then will we be able to paint...

All in time for Christmas.


  1. Love the window above the door! Gorgeous!

  2. I think you and SJ have done a nice job. The hallway is looking great.


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